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Panacea Holistic Institute | Relaxation Station

Panacea Holistic Institute is the only state approved Massage therapy career college in Long Beach. It was founded in 2018 and born out of local Healing arts center Sacred Roots Holistic Healing Center by Jocelyn Fee Miller and her team of Bodywork professionals. Since taking on the first group of 8 students in 2019, the school has nearly 50 alumni and scores of holistic businesses that have been cultivated from the Panacea birthing ground. Panacea hosts a Student Clinic for the Long Beach community, which includes a $33 an hour Massage offering - allowing more access to the healing arts for all socioeconomic backgrounds. Panacea offers scholarships and work trade opportunities for students interested in studying massage therapy and the healing arts in Long Beach! Every student who completes the program also offers a community service project of their own creation. How would you like to serve your community?


Hands on Healing Arts, Tea Lounge + Tarot

Panacea is bringing a team of seasoned faculty, alumni, treasured associates and current students to offer the wonders of hands-on healing all weekend long. Modalities include and are not limited to: Massage Therapy, Reiki, Shiatsu, tuning forks, mantra transference, table thai, circulatory, vocal sound healing, Reflexology, Deep tissue, tarot + tea lounge. Panacea’s School mascot is ‘Pan the Earthling! bringing healing to the world with our hands! Local friend and celebrated artist Dave Van Patten illustrated the mascot in 2019 for which we are forever grateful!

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