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Subtract Stage  |  Sunday | 4:00pm - 5:00pm

We're excited to welcome New York-based DJ and producer Niki Sadeki for festival debut. Her style can be described as eclectic yet explosive, fusing tribal melodies with sweeping basslines, while the haunting vocals are captivating you in the background.


Niki Sadeki is more than just a DJ and producer; she's a curious wanderer who weaves stories through her music, blending different genres and moods to connect people and spread hope. At the core of it all, a desire to connect people – be it through rhythm, events, or materializing projects. Whether DJ, radio host, event organizer, label collaborator, curator and producer, Niki moves along with spontaneity, and a get things done ethos.

Growing up in a musical household, Niki's Persian background and eclectic taste in music shaped her gift for choosing and blending sounds. From grunge to traditional Persian music, her parent’s record collection and Iranian heritage fuelled her passion for exploring different genres and eventually led her to electronic music. Grounded in a wide range of musical influences, Niki learned to mix from an early age She sees music as a way to spread joy, a sanctuary, which is evident in her productions. She has carried over the knack for complementing dark and light frequencies, gliding in between without shying away from diving in.

In the recent decade, Niki has taken a plunge into the world of music production, diving in head first, and she is steadily blossoming and thriving, showcasing her talent with an impressive array of releases already in her repertoire. Niki's productions are a testament to her atmospheric blend of melodic and progressive sounds that evoke both gloomy and joyful sensations. Dreamy motifs abound, showcasing her talent for creating musical journeys that capture various moods and facets of the human experience.

As the founder of Deep House Vancouver and a seasoned radio show host, Niki's mission is to bring people together through the connective power of music. She curates podcasts that fit different moods and recorded mixes for popular platforms like Balance Selection, 6AM Group, Deep House London, United We Stream, trndmsk and When We Dip. Niki's influence extends beyond her own created and compiled music, as she curated "Mirror for the Sun" for Alt Orient Records, a compilation series that showcased talented artists from different parts of the world, for two volumes over two years.

The influence of New York City, her current home, is undeniable. Living there has given Niki the courage to explore different genres while DJing and trust that the music will take listeners on a journey. Her purposeful wandering creates a musical story with melodic, indie, progressive, and deep techno elements that capture various moods and facets of the human experience. She's fascinated by the connections that music can create and the stories it can tell. From downtempo to deep techno, her multifarious DJ sets have delighted sound wanderers in clubs like Fabric London, Watergate, Shelter Amsterdam, The Avantgardner, and Kater Blau in Berlin. For Niki, music is a way to connect with oneself and others in a flow, whether you're a lonesome dreamer or an ecstatic energist on any dancefloor.

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