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Subtract Stage  |  Sunday | 11:00am - 1:00pm

Junior simply plays some of the best music we've ever heard. Having shared his musical talents at Subtract On The Pier many times, it was simply a matter of time before having him do the same at the festival. Armed to the teeth with obscure and rare disco and house tracks, he's absolutely the right man for the job, and has got a story to tell us!


There are certain names that are near synonymous with the essence of Los Angeles underground, and Junior is a gleaming example of this. His roots extend far back to the origin story of our local bedrock. He had a proficient hand in some of the most essential and affirming parties to leave their print on LA lore: Unlock the House with Doc Martin, Sarcastic Disco with DJ Harvey, Sunny Side Up, Sound Of Volume, and not to mention, a smattering of others new and old, and a dominating presence with tuned ear on the warehouse floor. All the veritable figures that hold true in this city, have tales to tell about Junior and his endless contribution to the upliftment of our culture. There have been literal anthems written about him (see the seminal Woolfy jam- "Junior's Throwing Craze") and his passion for creating and propagating disco and house in its purest form is only enhanced by his anchor in tradition.

The question is, if a rave happens and Junior wasn't there to hear it, did the rave even happen?
Know thy history; know the cultural human source that is Junior…
And join us for a lesson in dancing the dark night away...
"Everybody get a little!"

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