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Yoga Meadow  |  Sunday  |  7:00pm - 8:00pm

DJ Ariana Bates is a community leader and DJ who’s soul mission is to activate the body and awaken the heart through movement and connection. She has been leading movement events in LA & beyond since 2012. Her musical inspo includes: afro beats, thick bass, club anthems, house, salty slow jams and drums from across the globe. Simply put, music that is so good your body starts dancing naturally! 


Ecstatic Dance

Let’s Move and Connect! Ecstatic Dance combines the Freedom of a DJ'd Festival Experience with the Awareness of a Conscious Dance Practice. Everyone is invited to come move with us and have fun! This is a great way to find your dance, play and make friends. Ecstatic Dance creates a safe container for dance; please honor these guidelines: 1) move how it feels good for you + respect others, 2) substance free event, 3) no talking on the dance floor, 4) refrain from photography, be present and dance.

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